Killing Floor 2 entering Early Access this month

Tripwire are looking to make a killing when Killing Floor 2 heads into Steam Early Access later this month.

The ultra-violent co-op shooter will be popping heads and tearing off limbs on Steam on 21 April, priced at $29.99/£19.99/€26.99, which – in a shocking twist – means that all regions are getting it at around the same price. Mental calculations make me think that the GBP price is still slightly more expensive than the other two, but not by much. Well done, Tripwire.

The Early Access version of Killing Floor 2 will offer three non-linear levels, four perk classes, 27 weapons, 11 Zeds to use them on, seven playable characters, a single boss character (which isn’t the Patriarch), and a mod SDK supporting custom levels. Which is pretty bloody good, for Early Access.

Speaking of “pretty bloody”, Killing Floor 2 is a co-op shooter with a ludicrous level of gore. Expect plenty of arterial sprays, lots of dismemberment, and all sorts of location-specific animations that will segue together to create new animations, if you – say – shoot someone in the arm and then the leg.

Killing Floor 2 will hit Early Access on 21 April. You can see some new screenshots below. There’s also a new trailer which I’m uploading as we speak, but as my upstream is terrible that might take awhile.

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