King of Fighters XV DLC

We are just two short weeks away from the release of The King of Fighters XV, and excitement is at a fever pitch. We knew the entire launch roster as of a few weeks ago, and that’s all the characters we thought we would see for now. But SNK shattered even more expectations by releasing a new trailer highlighting the first two post-launch The King of Fighters XV DLC teams. Not only that, but it appears to be a family affair.

The first character we see is a fan favorite, arguably as popular as the series’ poster boy: Terry Bogard. Rock Howard will also finally makes his return to the King of Fighters tournament. Joining him are two other representatives from the Garou series: the stern, tough-as-nails martial arts master Gato, and the pirate queen B. Jenet. Together, these three make up “Team Garou,” representing their home series Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


Team “My Two Dads” returns

Then we get to see another team enter the fray. Dressed to the nines and absolutely full of drip (that’s what the kids say, right?) is Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Yamazaki composing “Team South Town.” Geese is dressed in a spiffy new suit (and is also alive), and Billy looks like he raided the closet of Urien from Street Fighter. Team Garou is set to release a month after the game launches in March, and the boys from anime Miami will drop in May.

We also got confirmation that there will be at least two more teams coming to The King of Fighters XV. There’ll be one in the summer of 2022 and another in the fall. SNK has not revealed anything about who comprises these teams. But, if early leaks are to be believed (and so far they have been 100% accurate), one of these teams will be “Team Samurai Shodown,” which, if nothing else, would be super cool. Now, let’s bring back Team American Sports! What do you say SNK? The King of Fighters XV releases on February 17.

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