Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a free weekend on Steam

If by chance you didn’t manage to grab a copy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance from last month’s Humble Monthly, here’s a chance to try it out for free. Steam is having a free weekend for this monumental medieval RPG, and it’s also available with a 50 percent discount if you happen to dig it.

Kingdom Come: Details

Warhorse Studios released Kingdom Come: Deliverance in February last year, and it went through dozens of patches. There were also four DLC expansions with new quests and content. These are all included in the Royal Edition, which is also available with a 25 percent discount. The game is currently at its best state, and it’s more optimized than ever.

If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s open-world RPGs, you’ll most likely have a field day with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The big difference between Kingdom Come and The Elder Scrolls is that the former strives for realism. It’s set in the fourteenth century in a country called Bohemia, which is roughly today’s Czech Republic. You’ll play as Henry, the son of a blacksmith in a very ordinary little village, Skalitz. When Skalitz gets sacked by a horde of invaders called Cumans, you’ll have to survive somehow.

Once you do, you’ll find yourself in the service of a lord, who’ll set you on a path toward vengeance. You’ll try to avenge your parents while also exploring a huge open-world map, completing all sorts of quests. You’ll get a horse and lots of gear, along with dozens of skills to work on and improve. This is a highly immersive first-person game where everything you do has a custom animation: opening doors, lying in bed, and so on. It might be too extravagant with its realism sometimes, but it’s still very immersive.

So if you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, I really recommend you enjoy the free weekend.

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