Kingdom Under Fire Ii Ranger

Earlier, we profiled the new Gunslinger class for Kingdom Under Fire II, which is finally getting closer to its release date. Now, the team at Gameforge has chosen to take a look at another class in the game: the sleek and powerful Ranger.

In the trailer below, players can get a good look at the Ranger, one of the five classes featured in the game. Armed with her mighty bow and daggers for close-range attacks, this character means serious business on the battlefield.

According to the developer, the character often becomes the “hand of death, dealing destruction with blinding accuracy to all enemies who cross her path.” Of course, with a description like that, we can’t help but wonder who’d be stupid enough to cross her path.

Ranger details

The Ranger class can switch between her daggers and her bow as the situation calls for it. This makes her devastating both up close and afar, as she has pinpoint accuracy with her arrows. She can also deliver a great deal of damage to whoever she comes close to, based on the trailer.

Here’s a breakdown of her character’s backstory, straight from the developer:

While trying to revive the forest after the invasion of enemy forces, the Elves discovered the Shards of Prophecy. A group of elders gathered together with the goal of tracking down its instigator. In secret, the best elven Rangers were chosen and entrusted with this holy mission. Dispatched to various locations around the world, one such Ranger covertly joined the Azilia Knights to gather intelligence.”

It sounds like she’ll bring some formidable skills to the party, and give players something awesome to enjoy.

Kingdom Under Fire II is set to arrive next month for PC. There are three different packages available for pre-order, which you can learn more about on the official website.

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