Last Chance to Pick-Up Dovetail’s Flight Sim World

A few weeks ago, Dovetail Games dropped the heavy announcement that its Flight Sim World project, which just came out Steam Early Access only earlier this year, has been canceled. The announcement included a notice that the simulator and all of its DLC would be removed from Steam as of May 24, 2018. At the time of writing, its just a day before that, so this means Flight Sim World is now on final approach, so to speak.

It’s a shame to see the simulator go seeing that it had the promise of reviving Microsoft’s old flight-sim formula for a modern age. But alas, not everything goes according to plan.

If you haven’t grabbed the game yet, now is our chance to do so as it’s been marked down extensively to just $8. That’s less than the DLC packs (for some odd reason?).

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