Last Day for Active Sky Sale on FSPS Store (FSX/Prepar3D)

There are a lot of add-ons for FSX/Prepar3D, but easily one of the more popular ones is Active Sky from HiFi Technologies. This software overhauls the simulator’s weather system and provides a more authentic feeling (and looking) set of weather options.

The Prepar3D v4 version includes cool features like in-cloud motion effects, visibility smoothing, volumetric fog integration, airborne weather radar, and more. If you’re still rocking the older FSX, then you can check out Active Sky Cloud Art (this is also compatible with Prepar3D). It’s a standalone program that includes different cloud texture sets and also new 3D cloud structures, sky colors, and lighting. One of its coolest features is activated when its integrated with the full Active Sky 2016 program that allows for real-time texture dynamics. In simple terms, it can change the look of the sky (just like in real life) without having to restart the simulator.

If you’re interested in picking up on AS product, check out the sale that’s currently going on over on the FSPS Store as four products have been discounted by 30%:

  • Active Sky for Prepar3Dv4 / Active Sky 2016 for Prepar3Dv3
  • Active Sky for Prepar3Dv4 / Active Sky 2016 for Prepar3Dv3 UPGRADE
  • Active Sky Cloud Art for FSX/Prepar3D
  • Active Sky 2016 for FSX/Prepar3D

Click here to check out the discounts. They’ll be live until May 15.

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