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Many League of Legends players have wondered whether Riot Games would venture out into new genres. Well, tonight, the company surprised a majority of its fan base by announcing not one but two new games.

First up is an untitled first-person shooter game, put together by a team of veterans in the genre. It is currently just dubbed “Project A” and appears to have an Overwatch flair to it, as players will battle against one another with tactics. Thus far, there’s only a small glimpse of what to expect from the game, but it’s a promising one.

Riot Games noted that Project A should arrive in 2020, but the company will “go dark” on this title until they’re ready. We do know, however, that it is League of Legends-based.

That’s not all…

But why stop there? There’s also a fighting game coming, which will also dip into the League of Legends universe. It’ll likely feature a number of champions from the game getting into fisticuffs the old-fashioned way.

At least for now, this brawler is simply called “Project L.” And though its developers aren’t confirmed, it looks like the work of Radiant Entertainment. The team previously worked on the indie favorite Rising Thunder back in 2016 before Riot Games acquired them.

Again, there’s very little information on the game, and Riot noted it would “go dark” until it’s ready. That said, it wouldn’t be a total shock if we see this game make some kind of debut at EVO next year. Fingers crossed. You can see a few bits and pieces of footage sprinkled throughout the below video.

These are just two of the games that show Riot Games is branching out with League of Legends in a big way. It also noted a card game is on the way, along with an action role-playing title. And then there’s Wild Rift, which will bring LoL to consoles and mobile for the first time ever. And classic League of Legends is continuing onward, with a new hero and more announced tonight as well.

Riot Games is set to have a huge 2020 ahead of them. Now it’s just a matter of seeing which of these spin-offs arrives first.

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