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Learn about the starter Temtem in the latest trailer

This is probably the toughest choice you'll make in the entire game.
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As the launch of Temtem into Steam Early Access draws closer, Humble Bundle and Crema are revealing more and more how similar it is to Pokémon. In the latest trailer for the game, players get to meet and learn a bit more about the starter Temtem. Yes, there are three of them.

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If you missed the Early Access announcement for the game, Temtem is a creature-collecting MMO. Basically, it’s the Pokémon game fans always wanted but never got. Players will have to collect Temtem from around the Airborne Archipelago, breed them to make the perfect creature companion, and battle to be the very best Temtem trainer there ever was.

You can check out all the details for the Early Access launch, as well as the roadmap to get Temtem to full release in our previous article about the game.

Let’s get started

Three Starter Temtem

The three starter Temtem players can choose between are Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. Each one has a unique character and play style that will suit a range of players. Crystle is cute but hardy. Their primary stats are Defense and HP, and they are effective against Electrical and Mental-type Temtem. If you don’t choose this little guy (or girl) as your starter Temtem, you can wander over to the mines of Queztal to catch a wild one.

Smazee is fluffy but feisty. They pack a serious punch and are all about attack power and speed. Known as elegant battle machines, Smazee are strong against Earth and Crystal-type Temtem. Lastly, Houchic are the ideal first Mental-type Temtem. They have strong Special Attack and Speed stat ratings and are particularly effective against Neutral and Melee type Temtem.

As with Pokémon, different species of Temtem are associated with different elements. And each type is strong against some and weak against others. Here are the 12 elements currently in Temtem: Neutral, Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Earth, Mental, Wind, Digital, Melee, Crystal, and Toxic.

You can check out some of the moves of the three starter Temtem in the video below.

Temtem is set to release in Early Access on Steam on January 21, 2020. You can add it to your Steam wishlist now, and you can sign up for the pre-launch stress tests at the game’s official website.

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