Lidia Sobieska Tekken 7 trailer

Despite releasing all the way back in 2015, Bandai Namco’s flagship fighting title Tekken 7 is still going strong. The game is still receiving updates and new content, including balance changes and new characters. Some of those characters have been returning favorites like Julia, while others have come from completely out of nowhere like… Negan from The Walking Dead. The newest character joining Tekken 7‘s already gigantic roster in Season 4 is the fictional prime minister of Poland, Lidia Sobieska. You can check out the brand new Lidia Sobieska Tekken 7 trailer below to see her in action.

Again, just to be absolutely clear, this is the fictional PM of Poland in the Tekken universe. The real life PM of Poland is Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki. And no offense to him, but he isn’t as cool as Lidia. The trailer begins with Lidia training on a beach before doing some image training. Within her mind palace, she fights off three of the game’s main roster characters including Dragunov, Bryan Fury, and Miguel. After beating them down, we get to see some gameplay of Lidia on the new stage Island Paradise. Lidia is performing Japanese Shotokan karate, which is a real style practiced all around the world.


We also see that Lidia has several counter moves that lead into some big combos. This should give anyone who played Leroy Smith last year some flashbacks. Hopefully Lidia is more balanced than Leroy out of the gate and doesn’t literally break the meta. Lidia also incorporates kata into her fighting style. Kata are motions used when practicing karate for training and don’t serve any actual purpose in combat. However, it seems that Lidia uses these kata to transition between different moves, creating seamless, flowing combos.

Karate for the people

Lidia’s backstory states that she has always been interested in karate and despite being born into a prominent political family, tried her best to stay out of politics. However, she finally stepped out of the karate dojo and into the political ring after her grandfather and father were almost assassinated. Despite this, she never stopped training. Her two worlds eventually collided when the Mishima Zaibatsu illegally deployed Tekken Force units into Poland. Now Lidia is out to end the war between the Mishima family with her own hands.

According to the trailer, Lidia Sobieska will release into Tekken 7 with the new Island Paradise stage on March 23. You can pick up Tekken 7 and the new season 4 pass, which already contains Kunimitsu, right now on Steam.

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