Lies of P: How to beat Kings Flame, Fuoco

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The boss fights in Lies of P represent the game at its most fiendishly difficult. From the lumbering swings of the Parade Master, to the quick swordplay of Mad Donkey, each poses a unique challenge, and each is more than capable of scattering your intricate components across their respective arena floors. Kings Flame, Fuoco is no exception. You’ll encounter this jumped-up furnace at the end of the Venigni Works, where it serves as a final exam of sorts for the Overheat status you’ve been dealing with throughout the area. If you want to know how to beat Kings Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P, read on to find out.

How to extinguish Kings Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P


As mentioned above, Kings Flame, Fuoco is located at the end of the Venigni Works area, right after the room with the acid vat and the large shovel-wielding puppet enemy. This enemy despawns permanently if you kill it once, so we’d recommend doing so to smooth out any run-backs you need to do if you die against Fuoco.

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Summoning

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before you pass through the boss door, you’ll notice a Crack’s Calling right next to it. You can use this to summon a Specter to help you out in the fight in exchange for one Star Fragment, and we’d highly recommend doing so here. The Specter will draw aggro from Fuoco regularly, allowing you to get a lot of free hits in on his back, and build up to an early stagger. Of course, if you’d rather go solo that’s fine too, just be prepared for a longer, more difficult fight.

Boss Moveset

Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Gameplay

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now let’s get into the fight proper. Fuoco has a fairly simple moveset, but don’t let that fool you: it can still smack you around like the best of them. Here’s a list of the moves it can use:

  • Basic Swing – Fuoco brings its arm down to the floor, then swings round to the right. This is often followed up by a second swing in the opposite direction. This can be either blocked or dodged.
  • Red Charge – Fuoco will glow red and charge across the room, dealing multiple instances of damage if you get caught in its path. As this is a Fury attack, your regular block is useless here, and a perfect guard is very difficult to time, so we’d recommend getting out of the way of this one in advance, and dodging if need be.
  • Flame Burst – Fuoco will crouch on the ground for a few seconds then unleash a wave of flame across the floor around him, immediately inflicting the Overheat status on you if you get caught in it. This is extremely difficult to dodge if you’re near Fuoco when it starts winding it up, so your best bet for dealing with it is to have an Attribute Purification Ampoule handy so that you can get rid of the Overheat as soon as it starts.
  • Flame Cannon – Fuoco will launch a series of fireballs from the cannon on its left arm, usually in groups of three. These come out surprisingly fast, and inflict Overheat build up if they hit you, so try to dodge them or hide behind one of the four pillars in the arena to avoid them.


Fuoco’s moveset makes it dangerous both up close and at long range, but you’ll have a much easier time dealing damage up close, so you should try and stay there as much as possible during the fight. Once you get the timing on its Basic Swings down, you’ll find that the post-swing damage windows are fairly generous, letting you get a good couple of hits in before you’re back in evasion mode.

Fuoco will create distance at some point, however, whether it be through a Red Charge or Flame Burst forcing you to run away, so you’ll need to deal with his Flame Cannon at some point. When you do, try to weave from left to right, and doge towards Fuoco to close the gap quickly. The sooner you can get back to wailing on it up close, the better.

As with most enemies and bosses in the game, Fuoco can also be staggered if you apply enough pressure then land a charged R2 attack. Its generous damage windows make achieving a stagger here more realistic than in other boss fights, so when you do land one be sure to run round to the front of Fuoco immediately, since that’s where you need to stand to land the follow-up Fatal attack.


Lies Of P How To Beat Kings Flame Fuoco Rewards

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After Fuoco has fallen, you’ll receive 6,438 Ergo, the rare King’s Flame Ergo, a High-powered Flame Amplifier, and a Flame Grindstone. The latter is an alternative to the standard Grindstone item that not only sharpens your weapon when used, but applies a flame effect as well, making it particularly effective against enemies weak to the element.

And that’s that: all the advice you’ll need to beat Kings Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P. It’s a difficult battle, and one that will likely take you several attempts to conquer, as it did me, but just persist, keep a cool head amid all that raging flame, and you’ll make it through in the end.

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