Lies of P: Where to find Star Fragments

Lies Of P Star Fragments Guide

Star Fragments are one of the more unique materials you can find in Lies of P. They only have one specific use and that’s for summoning in a Specter to help you out in boss fights. If you aren’t a fan of getting help in a soulslike, then the Specter likely won’t see much use. But if you’re in need of that helping hand, Star Fragments will be extremely useful for you. Here’s how you can find these Star Fragments in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to find Star Fragments

Star Fragments are found in a very similar way to how you can find Hidden Moonstones and other such materials. The majority of Star Fragments you’ll find are spread throughout Lies of P as standard drops in areas. Keep an eye out for glowing blue pickups on the ground and there’s a chance that you could find a Star Fragment. Now, Star Fragments are a little rarer than weapon upgrade materials, so you’ll want to use them sparingly.

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Luckily, once you’ve proceeded a fair bit through Lies of P, you’ll eventually be able to purchase Star Fragments from Giango. They cost three Gold Coin Fruits each, so they’re pretty expensive. But Giango’s inventory of Star Fragments is unlimited, so this is a good way to top up your inventory in a pinch. You’ll gain access to Giango and the Gold Coin Fruits tree after you’ve proceeded through the fifth main area of the game and defeated the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

By and large, Star Fragments are not something you want to use constantly. They are a fairly rare and incredibly useful resource. And if you’re struggling against a particularly tough boss, you’ll be glad you saved some Star Fragments for the extra help. I strongly recommend you only use them against bosses that you’ve tried and failed against at least five times. That way you’ll know how the boss works and you aren’t going in and wasting Star Fragments unnecessarily.

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