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Loopmancer is set in a high-tech future with cyberpunk themes. You play as a police investigator named Zixu, who’s searching for a kidnapped reporter. Suddenly, a few things become amiss, as you realize that Zixu’s subsequent deaths cause him to relive the same day over and over. That’s where the roguelike elements come in, as you do your best to find out what truly happened. Here’s our Loopmancer guides and features hub to help you with boss fights, skill unlocks, and important moments in the game.

Note: We’ll continue adding more tips to our Loopmancer┬áhub, so stay tuned.


Loopmancer guides and features hub

Official review – A game with some neat combat, Loopmancer doesn’t quite reach any lofty heights due to its iffy narrative and oversimplification. Still, there might be other factors to consider if it’ll be worth your while.

How to defeat the Big Guy – Here’s our guide on how to defeat the first major boss of Loopmancer, the aptly named Big Guy.

How to defeat Wei Long – Here’s how to beat Wei Long once you corner him in the third stage. He’s been a thorn on your side ever since the start of the campaign, but you can finally take him out.

How to rescue Lisbeth in FengLi Walled City – You know where Lisbeth is, but you’re still given a choice as to what you need to do. Worse, there’s a timer that counts down, and you might not be able to save her in time.

How to defeat Song Boyong – Just when you thought your safe and sound, Song Boyong enters the fray.

Skills guide: The best skills to unlock using Cores — In the game, you use Cores to unlock more skills. But which of these skills pay the bills, and which ones ought to be avoided at all costs?

Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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