Loopmancer Guides And Features Hub 1

Here’s our Loopmancer guides and features hub to help you with boss fights, skill unlocks, and important moments in the game.

Note: We’ll continue adding more tips to our Loopmancer┬áhub, so stay tuned.


Loopmancer guides and features hub

Loopmancer review — A game with some neat combat, Loopmancer doesn’t quite reach any lofty heights due to its iffy narrative and oversimplification.

Loopmancer boss: How to defeat the Big Guy — Here’s our guide on how to defeat the first major boss of Loopmancer.

Loopmancer boss: How to defeat Wei Long — Here’s how to beat Wei Long once you corner him in the third stage.

Loopmancer guide: How to rescue Lisbeth in FengLi Walled City — You know where Lisbeth is. Here’s how to rescue her.

Loopmancer boss: How to defeat Song Boyong — The Song Boyong boss fight is a major one in the game. Here’s how you can win.

Loopmancer skills: The best skills to unlock using Cores — In the game, you use Cores to unlock more and more skills. But which skills pay the bills, and which ones don’t?

Loopmancer is available via Steam.

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