Mad Max gets a lengthy gameplay trailer

Mad Max gets a lengthy gameplay trailer

If you’re curious about how Mad Max looks and plays, this four-minute trailer should answer some of your questions.

This trailer gives a pretty good look at Avalanche’s take on the post-apocalyptic road warring of Mad Max. It discusses car customisation, exploration, making friends, and – of course – combat, whether ranged, melee, or vehicular. You’ll be able to build your own car, upgrade it with scavenged parts, construct new weapons out of scrap, and generally make life miserable for the bandits roaming the wastes.

I wasn’t expecting much, but this actually looks pretty good. Then again, Avalanche – of Just Cause fame – are developing, which is a pretty good sign for anything involving open-world carnage.

Mad Max is due out on 4 September. Check out the trailer below.

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