The lesser-spotted of Avalanche Studios’ open world titles, Mad Max, has now been given a release date by Warner Bros. Though the Mad Max (Fury Road) film is still scheduled for May, the game is coming out on 4 September.

Not a whole lot of additional information is given beyond that date. There’s some thrilling box art (which I’ve put below) and word of a bonus car body called “The Ripper” for those who pre-order the game.

Otherwise, it’s just stuff we knew before. Mad Max will be an open world title where cars (and car customisation) are key to survival. After Max gets his Interceptor nicked, he has to team up with a mechanic named Chumbucket in order to “build the ultimate war vehicle” and escape the Wasteland.

If Just Cause 3 also sticks to a late 2015 release date, it’s going to be a busy end of year for Avalanche. Here’s the Mad Max box art.

mad max

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