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Since it was announced, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has had fans frothing at the mouth. However, one question was left unanswered: what of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer? While it wasn’t the most well-received part of that title, it is an essential part of the Mass Effect collection. With today’s release of the game’s cinematic trailer and release date, that question has been answered. The multiplayer won’t be included in the package.

Apparently, getting Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer into the collection would have simply taken too much effort. BioWare project director Mac Walters said: “At least at one point in time, everything was on the table and ultimately we looked at what it would take to [add the multiplayer mode] — it obviously had a lot of challenges.” However, according to Walters, getting that portion of Mass Effect 3 into the game would have been an enormous undertaking, requiring the same amount of work it took to remaster the first Mass Effect.

Instead, the team decided to focus on the single-player aspects of each game. “I love Mass Effect 3 multiplayer,” Walters continued, “and like I said, people are still playing it today, but ultimately the product, the overall Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, is a better representation of the original trilogy because we were able to focus on those single-player moments.”

What will be arriving with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?

When it arrives on May 14, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will naturally come with all three of the franchise’s main titles. Despite not arriving with Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer though, there will still be some extra content to look forward to. The collection will include over 40 pieces of DLC, which amounts to every single bit of extra content that ever released for the mainline Mass Effect games.

A collector’s edition for the Legendary Edition has also been revealed. It includes a steel book for the game, pins, a canvas art print, and a full-size replica N7 helmet.

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