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The original Mass Effect trilogy is considered one of the greatest mainstream RPGs in gaming, so it’s no surprise that a remaster is supposedly in the works. The games are still considered to be some of BioWare’s best work, and that’s saying a lot for that studio. The narrative featured a wealth of destinations, branching options, and endearing side stories that truly sent players on an epic space odyssey. Combat was generally satisfying too, with plenty of guns and fun powers to execute tactics with.

The visual style holds well overall, even in 2020. However, there are certainly elements that could benefit from higher resolution textures and better lighting. Most people seem to agree, and a remaster has long been asked for by die-hard fans. Now it seems that fans could soon get exactly what they’ve requested for so many years. According to a report from a journalist with insider knowledge, the Mass Effect trilogy remaster could arrive by October. Jeff Grubb spoke on the GamesBeat Decides podcast about pricing, enhancements, the likely announcement time, and, of course, the release.

The trilogy will reportedly come in a single package and include all of the DLCs ever made. The main draw will be the updated graphics, as Grubb believes the project is modest in scope. Therefore fans should not expect new content, besides some very minor additions like cosmetics, if anything. The package will retail at $60 USD. That’s not great for fans who already purchased everything before, but it’s a superb deal for newcomers. Take it how you will.

Mass Effect 2 remaster release

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The arrival is nearly upon us

According to Grubb, the Mass Effect trilogy remaster is currently on track for an early October reveal. He didn’t go into specifics, but he believes the project would also release within the same month. However, there’s still one major factor in play, and that is the possibility of a delay. He suggests that while the team intends to stick to the October release window, there’s still some uncertainty if it can prepare the game in time. This make sense in a year of so many delays, and seems like a smart move by EA. The last thing fans need right now is another letdown right after a reveal, as was the case recently with Halo Infinite.

Delayed or not, a 2020 release still sounds feasible. Even if the team needed an extra month or two, it could still theoretically make a holiday release. If the Mass Effect trilogy remaster is coming, we will find out soon enough.

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