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Toplitz Productions, the publisher of Medieval Dynasty, has recently announced yet another follow-up called Pirate’s Dynasty. As the title suggests, Pirate’s Dynasty takes the Dynasty series away from the unforgiving Middle Ages and into a world of swashbuckling adventure. Even though two other installments in the series, Wild West Dynasty and Sengoku Dynasty, have yet to release, Toplitz Productions has already chosen to prepare fans for another entry. Whereas those other games will see a release during the first half of 2023, Pirate’s Dynasty will come out during that year’s third quarter.

The Dynasty series’ gameplay has traditionally merged several different genres, and Pirate’s Dynasty will continue this legacy. It combines survival mechanics, base management, city building, roleplaying, ship construction, and naval combat into one jam-packed experience. According to a press release, the game “remains true to the successful foundation of the series, but impresses with unique additions and innovations,” which include the aforementioned ship construction and sea battles. And because Pirate’s Dynasty boasts procedurally generated worlds, players can enjoy these additions in a huge number of ways.

Become a living legend

Players assume the role of an aspiring captain who has to grow their reputation by demonstrating their skill and tactical prowess. Of course, a captain will not get very far without a crew, so players should focus on building one just as much as dominating the seven seas. Additionally, players will need to establish a pirate base and make sure that their crewmates remain happy to be on board.

Robin Gibbels, the head of producing at Toplitz Productions, noted that the team has had a fondness for pirates and everything associated with them for quite a while. With Pirate’s Dynasty, the team feels that it has made a product that can stand toe to toe with other pirate games while staying true to the gameplay of Medieval Dynasty and other installments.

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