September 5th, 2017

Meridian: New World gets final release date

Meridian: New World
Honestly, that doesn’t look like something developed by a single person.

One-man indie RTS Meridian: New World will be moving out of Early Access when it gets a full launch later this month.

The surprisingly pretty Meridian: New World is a single-player RTS developed entirely by Ede Tarsoly (with a few asset contributions from others), and it’s due to leave Early Access on 26 September. Paul seemed to enjoy it when he played the Early Access build back in July, although he was lamenting the lack of multiplayer even then. Alas, as the game is still being billed as a single-player RTS, that’s not something likely to be added anytime soon – if at all.

It has its own iterations on genre conventions, though. You’ve got special abilities, unit equipment, multiple workable strategies, and a focus on storytelling, so it’s not necessarily just offering the same old song-and-dance of military rock-paper-scissors.

Meridian is being priced at £10.99 ($14.99 USD/€14.99 EUR), which seems pretty fair if the single-player is enjoyable on its own merits. It’s due out on 26 September.

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