Meridian: New World RTS/RPG hybrid gets more content and demo

Meridian: New World

Elder Games launched the Early Access for the RTS/RPG Meridian: New World back in April and there’s a load of updates today.

As well as demo for the game which can be picked up from the official website, the game hit a new phase in the Early Access development and new updates have been released today.

If you’ve not been following Meridian: New World, its being developed by one man, Ede Tarsoly, along with some freelance help. Players take on the role of Daniel Hanson, commander of the first mission to a remote planet called Meridian, and when he arrives it’s not exactly uninhabited.

In today’s update, which is the third phase of Early Access, there’s the usual bugfixes but there’s also new content. Two new campaign missions called “Control” and “Sector 16-2B” have been added which unlock more of the the game’s story. The Commander level cap has also been increased to 25 which also brings more abilities into play.

What should excite players with this update is access to the Map Editor and creations can be shared through the Steam Workshop. Contributors will also receive a reward of “exclusive access to Image and Video material as well as developers’ notes from early stages of Meridians development”.

The game can be picked up on the Early Access page if you like the sound of this.

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