Konami have recycled their Metal Gear Online trailer (shown at the Game Awards 2014,) but added some English commentary to explain a few bits of what’s shown in more detail.

You will learn, for example, that the adorable stuffed wolf-dog item (used to distract people) evolved from the traditional Metal Gear Solid “dirty mag” distraction item. It was originally going to be an actual, flesh and blood puppy – but Konami decided that giving people the chance to shoot at or blow up actual puppies would increase the world sadness index too dramatically.

As a result, it’s now a stuffed animal. But still adorable.

The voice-over says that 8v8 mode was shown for the purposes of the Metal Gear Online trailer, but that a 6v6 mode is available as well. He also confirms the (hopefully) obvious point that the items and gear present in this trailer (like Snake’s tag grenade, marking where enemy soldiers are) are just a selection of those that’ll be in the final release.

After chatting about the mech for a bit, the commentary confirms that Revolver Ocelot and his fancy-pants gun juggling will be a playable character in Metal Gear Online.

It also suggests that as The Phantom Pain is a somewhat serious entry in the series, Metal Gear Online is aiming to be a bit more “light and fun.”

Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain which, we learned today, will be released on 15 September for the PC. A little later than on consoles.

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