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The next DLC for Metro Exodus will arrive in early February. Unlike the first DLC, The Two Colonels, which took players back underground, Sam’s Story is going to be a lot less linear. Starring a completely new playable character, Sam’s Story puts you in the boots of an abandoned US Marine in a sandbox survival setting. And it will be available in two weeks.

Yes, Metro is going sandbox survival in the next story campaign. There is still a narrative-driven focus, but you have full control on where you go and what you plan to accomplish. Promising “hours of gameplay,” Sam’s Story offers an open world with new weapons and mutants, as well as people to meet. You explore the ruins of Vladivostok, home to tsunami-scarred buildings and residential areas. Seemingly left behind after the nuclear war, Sam has to fight to survive and somehow find a way to return home.

Metro Exodus Sam's Story 5

Sam’s Story takes place in the ruins of Vladivostok.

Sam’s Story branches off the original game. Sam followed Artyom to the unknown world outside of Russia’s stuffy metro. However, the Marine eventually left the Aurora before making his way to Vladivostok. Now, he searches for a way out of post-apocalyptic Russia and back to the United States.

No longer the tunnel rat

Sam’s Story is the second DLC for Metro Exodus, which came out on PC nearly a year ago. We thought the game, despite the exclusivity hullabaloo, was an “exceptional experience.” Our own Steven Wong reviewed the game and liked it quite a lot, even though there were some issues.

“Artyom’s trip to the outside world may have fallen short in some respects, but the beautiful world and fascinating cast of characters more than makes up for it,” he wrote. “Most levels are deep and complex, filled with incredible creatures. Taken all together, Metro Exodus is one post-apocalyptic adventure that’s well worth taking.”

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Sam’s Story will be available on February 11 on PC via the Epic Games Store. It will be available to those who have already purchased the season pass.

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