Minecraft Legends PvP release date base building featured

The long-awaited new action-strategy game from Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive finally has a release date. According to the announcement made during the January 25 Developer Direct showcase, we can expect to see a Minecraft Legends release date for April. During the showcase of Minecraft Legends, Mojang demonstrated the PvP mode alongside a cooperative story.

The five-minute gameplay demo introduced us to a new way to play the upcoming multiplayer title. In addition to fighting the invading Piglins, two teams must focus on resource collecting and base building to eventually overrun their opponents. Towers, mobs, and individual players all combine to create an overwhelming force.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

The Minecraft PvP teams are made up of up to four players a side, put together with friends or via simple online matchmaking. It won’t be a struggle to find a squad, as cross-play will be enabled across all platforms. Tactics and game plans will be essential as you work together to bring down your adversaries.

Teams will need to cooperate to collect the resources required to build an impenetrable fortress. As some focus on the dangerous game of getting the blocks for construction, architectural masterminds need to put together a base that will confuse, trap, and obliterate the invaders.

Varied roles

There is something for every kind of player in the Minecraft Legends release showcase. Exploration can include scouting the enemy bases, farming for resources, and attacking Piglin bases for extra rewards. As a builder, you’ll have the responsibility of coming up with a fortress. It must be able to withstand the waves of attackers sent to destroy. A combination of traps, defense and attack towers, and mob spawns will all be implemented. Chiefly, using these tools, the aim is to make a base that is impenetrable. Equally important is making the opponent’s life as difficult as possible.

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Image via Mojang Studios

A new Minecraft Legends PvP map every time

As would be expected with a Minecraft game, the maps are completely original for each new game. Base placement, biomes, and landscapes are procedurally generated with every Minecraft Legends PvP match. This is a surefire way to keep every battle unique and exciting.

It is great to see the makers of the fantastic resource-collecting puzzler Hardspace: Shipbreaker get a chance to work with a team as successful as Mojang Studios. I’m excited to see what the two studios can produce.

Minecraft Legends has a release date of April 18.

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