Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Interceptor guide: How to find and destroy a Mercenary Convoy

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Destroy A Mercenary Convoy
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The Tier 2 mission in Modern Warfare Zombies is called Interceptor and it requires you to find and destroy a Mercenary Convoy. Since this can be challenging, I’ve made this guide to help you out.

How to find and destroy a Mercenary Convoy in MWZ

Finding a Mercenary Convoy in MWZ can be difficult. First, I tried clearing a Mercenary Camp because I couldn’t find the convoy, but the Mercenary Camp doesn’t count because it’s not the convoy.

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Modern Warfare Zombies Mercenary Convoy Location
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I found the Mercenary Convoy the moment I entered Threat Zone Two. An NPC via radio filled me in on the Mercenary Convoy nearby and I could see three red trucks on my tac-map. This is the convoy you’re after.

In my experience, the Mercanary Convoy is only found in Threat Zone Two. I recommend Pack-a-Punching your weapons at least once so that you can take on the level two zombies that will show up during your fight with the Mercenary Convoy. I didn’t have Pack-a-Punch weapons and the zombies were too tough for me to take out, so I just ran around a lot.

To destroy the Mercenary Convoy, you have to eliminate all the enemies. You can train the zombies into the enemy mercenaries or shoot them yourself. Either way, make sure every enemy is eliminated.

The mission didn’t resolve right away for me, and if that happens to you, just keep eliminating the zombies and try to blow up one of the vehicles. Blowing up the vehicles isn’t necessary, but the mission ended right when my vehicle blew up. Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it’s a bug.

How to collect Stronghold Keycard from Mercenary Convoy in MWZ

Modern Warfare Zombies Destroy A Mercenary Convoy
Image: PC Invasion

One of the mercenaries in the Mercenary Convoy has a Stronghold Keycard. The moment you eliminate him, you’ll get a message at the side of your screen that says your name and the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard. However, you still need to go pick it up.

Modern Warfare Zombies Stronghold Keycard
Image: PC Invasion

My Stronghold Keycard was floating in midair which was strange, but either way, grab the Stronghold Keycard and the mission should complete. Remember to pick up your free Perk-a-Cola. I foolishly exfiled thinking this was DMZ — know that the Stronghold Keycard can’t be carried over into other runs. You either use it then or lose it forever.

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