Monster Truck Championship promises the first monster truck sim

Monster Truck Championship

There are simulation experiences for just about anything these days. Do you aspire to be a streamer? A factory builder? A goose? In the world of gaming, you can be any of those things with the right simulator — even a monster truck driver. Today, developers Nacon and Teyon have announced Monster Truck Championship, theĀ first monster truck simulator. It aims to bring the thrills and spills of driving a giant, souped-up truck to your PC.

Time to let the dirt fly

Just because this is a monster truck game doesn’t mean it will be devoid of traditional racing game features. For example, Monster Truck Championship will allow you to pull off tricks ripped right from the track of your favorite arena. There’s nothing like sending a few thousand pounds of torque and machine muscle flying through the air. Vehicles will all have physics and controls to master, each of which is specific to the vehicle’s build.

In order to put your learning skills to the test, on top of the vehicle physics, players will also be challenged with learning each one of the 25 circuits. The circuits span cities across the United States, offering up a nice variety of courses and races. For those wanting something familiar, there are a number of traditional game modes, such as race and time attack. However, Monster Truck Championship has also thrown in a few new modes to keep things interesting. Freestyle, destruction (yes, there is collision damage), and the online multiplayer offer up more to do outside of standard races.

This all sounds great, but what about the trucks? Currently, there are 18 vehicles coming to the game, each of which you can customize, tweak, and tune. You can further adjust things like vehicle suspension and tire grip from race to race. There is also a promise of more than 50 different adjustable areas to tune on your vehicle.

Monster Truck Championship smashes down on the throttle come autumn 2020. Although its release only offers a potential time frame, we at least know that Monster Truck Championship will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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