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If you were looking forward to Unknown Worlds Entertainment, aka the developers of Subnautica, announcing a new game that offers similar thrills to the famous underwater survival series, you may want to temper your expectations a bit. The developer has revealed its newest project as Moonbreaker, complete with a reveal trailer and word on a Steam Early Access release this September.

Moonbreaker is a digital strategy game based around miniature figurines. It looks like the goal for Unknown Worlds Entertainment is to get in on a similar market to Hearthstone, which is understandably quite lucrative when done well.


Moonbreaker is set to launch on September 29, meaning that it’ll be released in about five weeks. Surprisingly, the game isn’t going to be free-to-play and will instead require an initial purchase, at least in order to start playing during the Early Access period. The Early Access bundle will cost $30 USD, but will supposedly allow people who purchase it to afford all of the units the game launches with. After the game’s initial release, new pieces of content will show up every four months or so, which should keep the active development moving right along.

United we stand

Moonbreaker is set in a universe created by Mistborn writer Brandon Sanderson. The game is focused on multiplayer matches, but single-player challenges will also be available. The affair is completely turn-based and teams are made up of crews, a captain, and assists.

Maps are made to resemble dioramas, and everything is built to resemble a real tabletop experience as much as possible. Well, aside from the miniature figures in the Moonbreaker reveal trailer which move on their own and shoot animated projectiles at each other. The miniatures themselves don’t appear to animate, however. At least, not when we’re looking. Kinda spooky.

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