Moonbreaker update removes all microtransactions following feedback

Moonbreaker Microtransactions Removed Update Business Model 2

Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment is completely changing its business model for Moonbreaker. The sci-fi turn-based strategy game launched into early access last month with a lot of in-game purchases present. However, today’s update has removed all of the microtransactions from Moonbreaker.

In an almost unheard of decision in the games industry, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has removed all in-game purchases from Moonbreaker. Moving forward, players will not be able to purchase Pulsars, Booster Boxes, Blanks, or Merits. Sparks have replaced the old currencies, which you can use to upgrade each unit’s rarity. These upgrades are strictly cosmetic.


Speaking of units, you will no longer need to gamble and purchase Booster Boxes to unlock them. With the removal of microtransactions from Moonbreaker, all units will unlock by default as soon as you load up the game. Also, any additional units added in future seasons will be unlocked automatically at no extra cost. Another bonus is that future season progresion will be faster and include new cosmetic rewards. These changes help make Moonbreaker a less problematic and more pro-consumer product.

The Founder’s Pack is recieveing some changes too. The Founder’s Pack was a special bundle that provided various bonuses and could be purchased for $24.99 USD. These bonuses included an Early Access Astra skin, a range of paint sets, 170 Pulsars, and 1000 Blanks. The update is removing Pulsars, and replaced a new Zax and Slopper skin will replace them. Those who already own the Founder’s Edition will have the skins added to their account automatically.

What about my purchases?

If you have bought any microtransactions in Moonbreaker, there’s good news. Unknown Worlds Entertainment is offering refunds to anyone who purchased Pulsars. Furthermore, if you purchased the Founder’s Pack, you are free to request a refund if you aren’t happy with the changes made. The refund window ends on December 6.

Moonbreaker Microtransactions Removed

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