The first music track for Kingdom Hearts 4 has just been released

Kingdom Hearts 4 Music Sora Quadratum Battle

So far, Square Enix has shared very little about Sora’s next adventure in the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4. We only have a single debut trailer to go off of, one that depicts Sora waking up in a mysterious city known as Quadratum. Soon enough, he ends up battling a new monstrous variant of the iconic Darkside Heartless with his Keyblade and an assortment of magical abilities. Although Square Enix has not revealed anything too substantial since then, it did recently treat fans with some new Kingdom Hearts 4 content to enjoy. Specifically, the company released the first official music track featured in Kingdom Hearts 4, which goes by the name “Reality in the Dark.”

Square Enix included this track in the special Kingdom Hearts vinyl LP collection that it recently released to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. “Reality in the Dark” actually did play during the aforementioned debut trailer, but the collection allows fans to listen to it without all the pesky background noise. Of course, not everyone can afford the vinyl collection, so YouTubers like UmbraMuninn have uploaded rips of the song so that anyone can listen to it.

The legendary Kingdom Hearts composer returns once more

Fans won’t be surprised to hear that Yoko Shimomura, the prolific composer who has written music for the Kingdom Hearts series since the beginning, composed “Reality in the Dark” for Kingdom Hearts 4. She featured the song during the recent Kingdom Hearts Concert – Second Breath live showings, which attendees could not record. Aside from Kingdom Hearts, Shimomura composed for Street Fighter 2, the Mario & Luigi series, and other notable games.

Until Square Enix officially releases “Reality in the Dark” through other means, most fans will want to stick to high-quality rips on YouTube to experience this Kingdom Hearts 4 music track. Given the series’ musical pedigree, fans will definitely be excited to listen to the rest of the game’s soundtrack.

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