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Throughout the second half of the 2010s, Tekken 7 was all the rage, no pun intended. After Tekken Tag Tournament 2 underperformed and seemingly put the series on life support, Tekken 7 managed to revive player interest in the franchise and foster a large competitive scene. Having said that, the game had a lot of missed potential and areas for improvement, what with its mostly unimpressive visuals, its bizarrely-executed story mode, and an overall lack of single-player content. The time has come for a fresh new Tekken installment to arrive and potentially address some of these issues. Thankfully, judging by the new Tekken teaser trailer that Bandai Namco revealed at EVO 2022, it looks like we will soon get one.

Before this teaser, Bandai Namco revealed that Tekken 7 would receive yet another free update on August 17. The update trailer it showed mainly advertised more balance changes as well as “new tactics,” which presumably means more moves or mechanics for each character.


The big reveal is yet to be revealed

Immediately after the update trailer ended, footage of Kazuya Mishima’s ending from the original Tekken, in which he tosses his father Heihachi Mishima off a cliff, started to play. As soon as Kazuya cracks his iconic smirk, the footage cuts to a fully-modernized Kazuya forming a similar, less meme-worthy smirk while his left eye glows its usual bright red. An announcer then says “get ready” while an invisible crowd roars in the background.

It seems relatively safe to assume that Bandai Namco intended to get fans hyped for Tekken 8 with this teaser trailer. If so, this could at least partially confirm the recent Bandai Namco ransomware leak, which revealed a possible logo for an upcoming Tekken 8But, since the teaser did not directly state that it was announcing Tekken 8, there remains the possibility that this has to do with some other Tekken project.

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