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It has been announced that Infamous: Second Son will be receiving a patch that will add some new content and options, some of which were requested by players.

The patch will allow players to switch to either day or night once they’ve completed the game and will allow you to turn the HUD off in order to further immerse yourself in the game and will also cap the frame-rate to 30 FPS.

It has also been announced that Delsin’s ringtone, which is the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time theme, will be made available to download on Sucker Punch are also taking player feedback seriously and are considering adding endgame options like the ability to repopulate the city with enemies or fighting an endless wave of enemies to test your skills. There’s no word on the much wanted New Game+ option but that would be awesome.

Sucker Punch has explained why you cannot and will not be able to skip cutscenes saying: “Lots going on behind the scenes during many cutscenes (loading/setting Time of Day) so not easy to skip unfortunately.”

It’s great to see developers taking fan feedback and really running with it.


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