How to play Kiriko in Overwatch 2 -- Tips and tricks
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Bugs and Overwatch 2 are almost synonymous at this point, at the recent January 2023 balance patch has bugged out two characters. Junker Queen was the real winner of the January 2023 patch, with buffs intended to slingshot her into viability. But what likely wasn’t on Overwatch 2 and Blizzard’s radar was a potentially game-breaking bug that might allow Junker Queen to use her Carnage infinitely without cooldowns. Meanwhile, those screaming for a Kiriko nerf will be happy to see this latest bug that impacts her Swift Step ability.

Junker Queen’s Carnage is a huge sweeping axe attack that deals a good amount of damage. This ability received a big buff this patch, reducing its cooldown by 2 seconds whenever you get a takedown with Carnage. This cooldown reduction works per enemy defeated, meaning you can potentially have no cooldowns at all. Unfortunately, this buff went on a little too strong, and Junker Queen can farm cooldown reduction off of destructible objects.

Unlimited carnage

This includes balcony railings, staircase railings, and even Mei’s Ice Wall. That’s right, pair up a smart Ice Wall with Mei, and Junker Queen will be able to slay without stopping. The actual practical use of this is questionable, but it’s not totally out of the question that a fight might take place near an area with tons of things to destroy. However, more arguably impactful is Kiriko’s Swift Step bug.

Kiriko’s Swift Step is her mobility tool, allowing her to teleport to an ally. During this teleport, Kiriko is cleansed of all negative effects, including any anti-heals or damage-over-time effects such as Ashe’s Dynamite. This was a great way to get back to safety and avoid death for Kiriko. However, this bug makes it so Kiriko no longer cleanses herself while teleporting. This is a much more impactful bug and a huge nerf to Kiriko’s survivability.

Hopefully, Overwatch 2 can sort out the Junker Queen bug and Kiriko bug soon. Until then, you can participate in Overwatch 2‘s Battle for Olympus event, which features a new free-for-all game mode and other collectibles you can earn throughout the event.

Kiriko Overwatch2 Support bug

Image via Activision Blizzard

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