Bloober Team Layers Of Fear Teaser Announcement

A new Layers of Fear tease suggests an announcement is on the way

There are no happy accidents.

Horror developer Bloober Team has dropped a new tease for its next Layers of Fear project, hinting that an announcement could be coming soon. With Summer Game Fest right around the corner, there’s a chance it could be revealed this week. The developer didn’t show off as much as the last tease; it’s just an image this time around. But it’s painfully obvious it’s Layers of Fear. What else could a torn, bloody canvas even be?

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It was back in September 2021 when Bloober dropped the first tease for the next Layers of Fear. Shown in a first-person perspective, we seem to be back in the drunken mind of the first game’s protagonist. The video also revealed that the game was going to be built with Unreal Engine 5. Graphically, it looked impressive, with paint that realistically spread across the painter’s palette. Just some crimson red, and a happy little accident. The video ended with the words, “Your fear will return,” along with a date of 2022.


The teaser image today details a painting of a woman, the canvas shredded and bloody. It calls back to the plot of the first game, which I won’t spoil here. All I can tell you was that it was a bit convoluted, but the clues made it somewhat clear what transpired by the end. There were also rats. A lot of rats. And doors that would drop you into an entirely different room so often that it got more annoying than scary. I’m hoping this next Layers of Fear doubles down on the fear and less on the repetition.

Bloober Team Layers Of Fear Teaser Announcement Full

A bucket of red paint

It’s likely that the Layers of Fear tease is building up excitement for a summer games reveal. It makes sense with everything cracking off in just a couple of days. I may have even missed Geoff Keighley dropping an “eyes” emoji somewhere. I’ll have to check later. But I’m pretty sure the game will be shown off in full very soon.

The last Layers of Fear was the sequel to the 2016 original. It took the series to different places, setting you in a haunted ship as an actor with a dark past. “Artists with dark pasts” seem to be the running theme of the franchise, and it’s clear that won’t stop with the next game. We’ll know for sure when it gets revealed soon.

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