Halo Modes

Developer 343 Industries shared new details about the modes coming to Halo Infinite in Season 2. Officially titled Lone Wolves, the season will begin on May 3 and provide a significant update to the available multiplayer offerings.

The first mode is a returning Halo favorite, King of the Hill, but the studio has added a new twist to how it will work in Halo Infinite. A neutral hill will appear on a map as teams fight to gain control over it. When a team is capturing a hill uncontested, they earn one point towards a new capture bar. Filling the bar will earn one point for that team and cause the hill to move to a new location. For players who are worried about this change, 343 confirmed that the classic settings will be available in custom games.


Land Grab is the next Halo Infinite mode, and it’s brand-new. Teams will fight for control over three zones on a map, and each successful zone capture rewards a point to that team. When all zones have been captured, new zones will appear after a short interval. The team that scores 11 points first is the winner.

Finally, Last Spartan Standing is a new free-for-all mode that takes place on Big Team Battle maps. 12 players will fight it out with a fixed loadout and a limit of five lives each. Every kill grants players an upgrade to a new weapon, and the last Spartan standing is the winner. There’s even a circular ‘Danger Zone’ that encloses on the map to force players together. New ideas are welcome, and it feels like Last Spartan Standing is a prelude to the rumored battle royale mode that Certain Affinity could be working on.

The playlists are changing too

These three modes are part of several changes coming to the multiplayer playlists. A Rumble Pit playlist featuring traditional Halo FFA modes and new variants will be available starting May 3. The studio also plans to rotate in playlists throughout the season, like Team Doubles, Team Snipers, Social Skirmish, and Social Slayer.

The studio provided examples of some of the variant modes coming to the game. Ninja Slayer lets players have fun with infinite ammo Energy Swords and Grappleshots. Vampireball is an oddball variant that lets the ball carrier one hit kill opponents with the Skull and gain 50% of their shields back with a kill. Finally, Rocket Repulsors gives players Repulsors and Rocket Launchers with infinite ammo. It’s important to note that King of the Hill and Last Spartan Standing will be immediately available on May 3. Land Grab will appear about a month later with the Fracture: Entrenched event.

For more in-depth details about the new modes and playlists, check out the official blog post on Halo Waypoint.

Halo Modes

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