New Shadow Warrior survival mode sees if Wang can hold his own


Shadow Warrior -  02

Good news, everyone: if you’ve thrust Wang all the way through Shadow Warrior‘s campaign but remain hungry for more Wang, the brand new survival mode will give you the chance to play with your Wang all night long. And I imagine that the longer you play with it, the harder it’ll get. Man, these innuendos write themselves.

A new update – which should go live around the time you’re reading this – adds a survival mode, three custom-built maps for said survival mode, and competitive leaderboards (although you’ll only get the latter if you’re playing on Steam). That isn’t all, though; Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital have teamed up with Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software for some crossover goodness. This means that Wang will be able to get his sweaty hands on Rise of the Triad‘s Excalibat as an alternative katana, and he’ll also be available as a character in Rise of the Triad‘s multiplayer modes. Hurrah!

Devolver Digital’s Fork Parker broke this news to us with his characteristic cheer. “Enjoy the free content, nerds,” he commented. “Don’t forget my holiday cheer and festive giving of free stuff next year when I jack up prices on some face-melting indie games.” Thanks for the heads up, Fork!

As a special celebration, Shadow Warrior will be on sale for 75% off for 24 hours on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. Trailer below.

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