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New Vampire Survivors update adds a ‘Boss Rash’ challenge mode

Not for the faint of heart.

Another day, another Vampire Survivors update. This time, developer poncle has released Patch 0.9, dubbed “The Flashy One,” signaling that Vampire Survivors is very close to receiving the full 1.0 version. In all, this new update introduces the Boss Rash challenge mode, the Gemini and Twilight Requiem Arcanas, one new character, a hidden game mechanic, and four new achievements alongside the usual tweaks and bug fixes. Mostly a fairly standard update, all things considered, but players will likely enjoy what it has to offer nonetheless.

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Out of all the additions introduced in the patch, the Boss Rash mode stands out as the most significant one. This mode sees players attempting to survive as long as they can against a horde of enemies and bosses from the main game. Notably, you cannot experience Boss Rash mode right away, as you must unlock Hyper mode in each of the game’s five main levels before it will become available.


Unlocking Hyper mode requires you to defeat the boss that shows up 25 minutes into any given stage. If you have already done this for all five levels, then you simply have to enter a match and quit out to unlock Boss Rash.

What about the new character

By staying alive for at least 15 minutes in Boss Rash, you can obtain the aforementioned new character. It comes in the form of a blue three-headed dragon named Gyorunton. This character comes equipped with a projectile-launching bracelet that can upgrade into a Bi- and Tri-Bracelet without having to use it in conjunction with another item.

Those eager to jump into the new Vampire Survivors update should come in prepared, as the Boss Rash mode supposedly poses quite the challenge. The mode has no qualms about throwing several reapers and even the recently-added final boss at the player all at once if they get far enough, so it will take some work to acquire Gyorunton.

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