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During a livestream this weekend for the upcoming Tekken 8, developer Bandai Namco announced the inclusion of Nina Williams in the fighting game’s roster. Bamco also shared a new Tekken 8 trailer, showing just what Nina Williams is capable of. There were also other announcements during the livestream, such as a 36-minute video going over the new mechanics.

Nina Williams’ inclusion into the game doesn’t come as much of a shock due to her long-lasting presence in Tekken. Nina comes into Tekken 8 sporting a new look from her usual catsuit, and has opted to show up in a formal dress this time. Fair to say, she’s here to impress.

Nina Williams makes her debut in a new Tekken 8 trailer

The new trailer showcases gameplay of Tekken 8, in which Nina is shown to be using what looks like a similar moveset to her previous appearances. In the gameplay trailer, we see her grappling, punching, and using her guns to destroy the enemy. There are also examples of the game’s stage destruction mechanics. The stage the trailer takes place on seems to be a destroyed building with helicopters circling.

Alongside Williams’ trailer, there were a host of other announcements made as well. One of these announcements is the news of a closed alpha test for Tekken 8. These closed alpha tests will be happening around the world, however, only at select locations. The first period will take place during EVO Japan 2023.

Tekken 8 trailer Jin Kazuya battle storm

Image via Bandai Namco

Another new announcement for the game outside of the Nina Williams trailer, was the reveal of some of the new and changed gameplay mechanics in Tekken 8. One of these is the Rage System, which has been a feature since Tekken 6. The changes to the Rage System include the now automatic activation below a certain amount of health. There’s also the abolishment of the Rage Drive, due to another new implementation: the Heat System.

In regards to the Heat System, it’s a new feature for Tekken 8, which took up around half of the 36-minute video. So check out the video below to see all of the details about it.

For more updates on Tekken 8 like the Nina Williams trailer, stay tuned in the lead up to the release.

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