No Man's Sky Outlaws Update space pirate

No Man’s Sky Outlaws update lets you be a daring intergalactic pirate

InterplanetARRy theft.

The Outlaws update for No Man’s Sky has been released today. Update 3.85 of the survival space game brings a lot of small, yet notable improvements. But the main selling point? It lets players become space pirates.

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Star systems all across the galaxy have fallen into the hands of outlaws. Intergalactic authorities have been forced to surrender, and space is now ripe for piracy. Naturally, you’re going to want to get a piece of that pie. By visiting outlaw systems, you can obtain, smuggle, and sell contraband items to make a killing. Although you really don’t want to get caught doing so. The consequences will be severe.


The ship combat in No Man’s Sky has been improved. Developer Hello Games has rebalanced the risk versus rewards aspect of combat to provide a greater challenge. Also, you can now take dogfights within planetary atmospheres. Have fun taking down rival ships while weaving between mountains that stretch far into the sky.

Better and better

With the Outlaws update, No Man’s Sky players can also build squadrons. Squadrons are ship units that can be expanded by recruiting wingmen during your travels. These ships will warp to your location during space combat, giving you the edge over any would-be opponents. Furthermore, wingmen can be managed and upgraded. You have the option to expand your fleet capacity or train your allied pilots.

At launch, No Man’s Sky was considered by many as one of the greatest flops of its generation. Hello Games overpromised on features that it never had any chance of delivering. This irritated fans and caused a huge backlash. However, six years later things are very different. Each update has made No Man’s Sky better than the last, and it is now one of the best open-world survival games on the market. It exists as a prime case study for any developers looking to turn their game around.

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