No Man's Sky Update 4.0 Waypoint

Named Waypoint, Update 4.0 is the newly released No Man’s Sky update, and it overhauls several aspects of the game. It is available now as a free update for anyone that owns No Man’s Sky on Steam. If you don’t already own it, you can pick it up for 50% off until October 20.

One of the biggest additions is Custom Game Modes. Players can freely adjust the difficulty of their playthrough by changing specific survival elements. For example, there’s now a Relaxed Game Mode and survival difficulty that makes No Man’s Sky more accessible than ever. You can also tweak specific values such as fuel usage, inventory transfer range, the number of natural resources that spawn, and more.


Another key new feature added in Version 4.0 of No Man’s Sky is Trade Rockets, which let players load and launch their very own selling rocket. Once launched, the rocket will automatically sell items on the Galactic Trade Network. You can summon the device on any planetary surface.

The Waypoint update isn’t lacking in technical improvements, either. With update 4.0, No Man’s Sky now supports AMD FidelityFX 2.0. This should see Players with compatible graphics cards should see the benefits with vastly improved performance. Furthermore, some of the planetary visual effects have been enhanced, and a wide range of quality-of-life improvements have been introduced to streamline the overall experience.

The small stuff

No Man’s Sky updates are just as defined by the smaller improvements they make as they are the big content that gets added with them. Update 4.0 is no different, introducing a huge range of small upgrades to various content. There’s simply too much to cover here, but highlights include an overhauled inventory, dynamic difficulty, drop pods, story records, and crafting trees.

To find out more about the update check out the full patch notes on the official No Man’s Sky website.

No Man's Sky Amd Fidelityfx Fsr 2.0 Comparison

Comparison of AMD FSR’s impact on No Man’s Sky at 4K “High” preset running on an RX Vega 56.

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