Nosgoth Founders Packs go live on 25 March

nosgoth founders

Have you really been wanting to give Nosgoth money? Tomorrow, you can.

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The trendy thing for free-to-pay titles to do these days is offer “Founders Packs” for people who do actually wish to buy-in to the game and get various rewards for their troubles. Nosgoth is no exception, and Psyonix will be launching just such a founder program tomorrow (25 March) at around 9am Pacific time (4pm GMT.)

In order to do that, the Nosgoth beta servers will be going down from around 3am Pacific to 9am (10am GMT to 4pm.) You’ll have to love without the humans-vs-vampires antics during that period.

The Psyonix team say they will be revealing “a slew of information, including some previously unrevealed surprises” to accompany the Founders Packs, so that might be worth keeping an eye on too.

A certain amount of information about the six Founder Packs that will be available has already been released. You can read about the first three here, and the second three over here. They range in price from “Veteran” ($20.00 USD) to “Immortal” ($150.00 USD,) with rewards scaling accordingly.

At the lower end, you get Rune Stones (which I imagine are in-game currency,) while later and more expensive packs will come with exclusive items and experience point bonuses. All Founder Packs come with instant access to the closed beta for the game; though invites are still going to be sent out to people just sign up, so it’s not the only way to get beta entry.

If you missed it last week, here’s Paul’s take on Nosgoth so far and his attempts to play it as an unfamiliar class (it goes about as well as you’d expect.)

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