Nvidia teasing 8/20/18 reveal of its new gaming graphics card

nvidia ray tracing

Nvidia lovers, be prepared. The ‘Green Team’ is gearing up for the reveal for its all-new graphics card dedicated to gamers. The Nvidia Twitter page posted this cryptic tweet, linking to its Twitch livestream which is currently showing a countdown to the big reveal:

At the time of writing, the reveal is about 12 hours away. Of course, we’ll provide the real details once the news has been formally broken.

Nvidia’s gaming scene has been relatively quiet for the past several months. The last big event was back in 2016 with the arrival of the GTX 10-Series cards which use the Pascal architecture. This release ushered in a new era of gaming laptops as they finally shared truly similar GPU capabilities to their desktop counterparts. It will be interesting to see what big upgrade Nvidia will bring to the table this time around.

One thing is for sure, my Lenovo Y700 just shed a bit of a digital tear knowing that it’s now getting even more dated due to its 960M. My wallet is joining in for solidarity.

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