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While Obsidian has been plugging away at Grounded, the team has been working on a secret project. Avowed is the Outer Worlds developer’s next role-playing game, and a teaser trailer was shown during today’s Xbox Games Showcase. It looks like your typical RPG fare, with swords, sorcery, in a world steeped in warfare.

Obsidian sure has been busy as of late. Since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, it’s been pumping out the games and new reveals. Starting with The Outer Worlds, the developer later announced Grounded. Today, it’s returning to medieval role playing with the reveal of Avowed.

Sadly, beyond the reveal, little is known about the game. It’s a first-person RPG set in the world of Eora, which is rich in magic and crawling with all manners of enemies — including skeletons because of course. The trailer itself gives off some strong Skyrim vibes, showing the viewpoint of a warrior holding a magical sword in one hand, and preparing a spell in another.

Near the end of the trailer, this person is deep in a dark cavern as the world begins to shake, and light spills from a nearby corridor. If a Balrog comes screaming out of it, I wouldn’t be surprised. The cavern itself is interesting, with narrow canyons crisscrossed with ancient stone pathways. Give the new trailer a look below:

Bringing a sword to a bow fight

There were a lot of games shown during the Xbox event, and Avowed is one of them that really piqued my interest. I love a good old-fashioned medieval fantasy RPG, and with Obsidian at the helm, I’m confident it will be grand. It’s unfortunate that so little is known about the game beyond its setting.

The game will be available (hopefully soon) on PC and on the Xbox Games Pass.

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