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Today marks the two-year anniversary of Obsidian’s Grounded entering Early Access. Adam Brennecke, game director on Grounded, announced the celebratory news earlier today on Twitter — along with a little something extra. Grounded is at last leaving Early Access and will reach its 1.0 release date on September 27. The studio is preparing for the event with updates, which will pave the way to full launch.

A new update is coming to the Grounded public test branch today. According to Brennecke, the update comes with a gnat you can befriend, and a “huge revision” to weapons and armor. The update will also include a new building called the Cookery, which will take over the meal system completely.


Coming soon is an update that’ll set the foundation for Grounded before its reaches its release date. “Homestretch” isn’t ready for the big show yet, but the update will “set the stage for getting everything ready for our 1.o release,” Brennecke explains. The studio will go over what Homestretch is or what it’ll do, but it’s a major part of the final stretch of work before launch.

Wrapping up and expanding the Grounded story

The 1.0 launch for the game will mark its full story completion. When Grounded hits its late September release date, players can finally see its winding narrative through to the end. Two-inches tall and trapped in a dangerous back yard, the protagonists must hunt down weird sci-fi technology to return them to their regular height. As an Early Access game, the story always hit an eventual stop since it wasn’t fully complete.

In a couple months, you should hopefully find a way to return to your height and at last teach the spiders who’s boss.

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