Oculus Rift Picks Up New Chief Architect, ending Rift Dev Kit Sales

Oculus Rift has picked up a new Chief Architect in Atman Binstock. They have also announced they are officially ending sales of the Oculus Rift dev kit.

We already knew the kits were running in short supply, apparently due to parts supply issues. Presumably, the next time Oculus VR goes up on sale, it will be as actual consumer products. Hopefully, it won’t be as prohibitively expensive as Google Glass.

Atman was previously in charge of Valve’s internal VR headset efforts. This corroborates Valve’s earlier claims that they are working with Oculus VR to help make them a success, and had no intention of competing with their headsets at all. We wish the best of luck to Atman and the rest at Oculus Rift, and look forward to the launch of their consumer line.


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