Battlefield 4 - 05

Chasing fighter jets on the cheap.

For those who held off on buying a PC copy of Battlefield 4, you’ve doubly rewarded. First, you (probably) missed out on the worst of the server bugs and glitches mentioned in Tim’s review, and second, you can already get it cheaper a month after release. Origin’s Black Friday sale has the regular edition at $30, the Digital Deluxe one (whatever that is) at $34 and the big fancy Premium Membership bundle priced at $80 (down from about $110).

The same sale has you well covered if you want to buy anything relating to The Sims 3 or, really, past Battlefield or FIFA titles. It is an EA sale, after all. You could also pick up some past EA releases like the Mass Effect Trilogy for $20 (all three games, but little or none of the DLC) or Dragon Age Origins for $5/$10 (depending on whether you opt for the deluxe version.)

I suppose you could get Medal of Honor: Warfighter too, if you really wanted. Or maybe dip in for the final ever FIFA Manager. Not necessarily recommended, though.

Origin’s sale runs from today until 2 December.

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