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[Update Feb. 29 @ 3:12 PM EST]: According to the Origin Twitter account, the online service is almost fully operational. It asks that if you’re still having issues to wait for a short while or restart your Origin client. 

We have some bad news for those of you hoping to grab some wins on Apex Legends today. The servers for EA’s Origin online servers have gone down, and there’s currently no word on when they’ll be live once again.

Origin appears to have crashed sometime around 1 PM EST. Since then, users have been sending reports to both EA and DownDetector — the latter of which is showing a nice, healthy red spike going past the 5,700 report mark. EA’s Origin Twitter account has responded, saying that the team is investigating the issue.

Going down to clunky town

This is, of course, a caveat of digital storefronts. Sometimes they just go down, and we don’t have a clear reason why. It can be speculated that the servers ran into a massive error, or that a squirrel got locked in the server room and got hungry for wires. It does seem to be an echo of the events of the week. The service went down a mere two days ago, and now its hitting the skids once again. It didn’t take long for the service to revive itself on February 27, so it’ll likely be back soon. Fingers crossed.

But let’s hope it doesn’t become too much of a trend. Users have taken to Twitter to vent frustrations while EA works to get the online service back up and running. The latest message is that the service is starting to “see some recovery.”

It’s a real shame that it went down on the weekend, but the Origin servers should be up before before the next Apex Legends event. Starting on March 3 is the System Override Collection Event. It’ll bring a new game mode, as well as limited cosmetics and Legendary weapon skins. The online servers should be back up before the end of the weekend, so you won’t miss out on all those fancy goods later this week.

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