Overused E3 Phrases: The PC Invasion Reader Poll Results

Last last week we launched a poll to gather reader opinions on which stock term or phrase would be horribly overused at E3 2015. There were a fairly wide spread of views, but a couple of terms rose slightly higher than the others.

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Taking the crown, just one vote ahead of its nearest competitor, was the phrase ‘”I’m excited/thrilled/delighted to announce …” (with deadpan face).’ 27% of you felt this would be the one you’d be sick of after half a press conference.

In close contention was the term “We can’t wait to show you more,” which gathered 26% of the vote.

Safe, sensible bets, and the thoroughly unofficial PC Invasion staff opinion is that, yes, those probably were the two that were trotted out most often.

Coming up strong in third place was the ever-popular “Epic,” with 22%. While this semantically abused word perhaps didn’t crop up as often as prior years, we did notice that it reached peak irrelevance at E3 2015 by being attributed to the loading times in a golf game during EA’s conference. It was already devalued as a term, but it now means absolutely nothing.

“[PRODUCT X] changes everything.” scooped up 13% of the vote, but to be honest we didn’t hear this a whole lot during the press events (it’s quite possible we missed some while writing stories.)

Good old “Visceral” nabbed 7% of favour, and was indeed used a handful of times throughout the last few days. Nothing as egregious as EA’s misuse of “Epic” though.

Finally, most of the hundreds of votes we received stayed clear of the “And with this game’s companion app …” option (just 5% in total opted for this.) That was wise voting. Aside from Fallout 4’s app (which Bethesda’s Todd Howard even kind of mocked when announcing it,) there wasn’t much of a push for tacked-on mobile stuff this time around. Thank god.

Here are the final tallies. We’ll be running another poll in due course.

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