Tracer And Sojourn In Overwatch 2

Tracer is easily the face of Overwatch 2, appearing as the mainstay in much of the game’s promotional material and lore. She’s certainly in the spotlight this week, however, ever since the community found a bug regarding Tracer’s fall off damage in Overwatch 2. The bug allows her to play at long distances while dealing the same amount of damage as if she were up close. And Blizzard doesn’t plan on fixing it — at least, not yet.

The bug was discovered by Reddit user u/PikeOrShield. To be precise, Tracer has no damage fall off at 20 meters, allowing her to defeat a target dummy in just one clip. It’s unknown why this bug exists. Aaron Keller, game director of Overwatch 2 replied to the shared footage, stating that the bug will be addressed in a future patch. Despite predictions that Tracer may be disabled due to this bug, Keller said her power level “has been ok” and there are no plans to remove her from the roster. On top of that, the Overwatch team is planning to add some compensation buffs to her after the changes.

Tracer damage fall off bug is one of many Overwatch 2 issues

Overwatch 2 characters’ have been rife with major bugs, causing some characters to be temporarily removed from the game. The first characters disabled were Bastion and Torbjörn, followed by Mei. Humorously, it appears that Tracer is still considered relatively balanced with this bug. However, Bastion was disabled due to a bug where he could fire his ultimate indefinitely. While this sounds strong, his ultimate was still rather weak and unimpactful. Mei’s bug was also rare and required coordination.

Double standards aside, characters not working as they should have been a big theme in the early days of Overwatch 2. We’ll have to wait and find out if the trend continues.

Tracer Skin In Overwatch Anniversary Event

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