Tracer And Sojourn In Overwatch 2

Rejoice, Doomfist mains, and everyone in Overwatch 2 who doesn’t play Sojourn. After a controversial decision to not nerf Sojourn during Season 1’s balance patch, Blizzard will finally slam Reinhardt’s balance hammer down on the dominant Sojourn, who has been ruling the ladder with her high damage and one-shot potential. In addition to Sojourn soon getting a nerf in Overwatch 2, Doomfist (recently reworked as a tank hero) has been underperforming in the ladder, so he’ll be getting some buffs. Other heroes like Mercy and Ana will also get balance changes.

Sojourn’s high mobility and ability to instantly kill targets have been a dominant factor in many team fights, making her a dominant pick in high-ladder matches. Blizzard is preparing to bring the nerf hammer and force Sojourn to take closer fights. While exact numbers have not been revealed, Blizzard stated it is intending to reduce her lethality at long ranges and force her to use her high mobility to bring the fight closer to all the action. This seems like a good compromise, as Sojourn was able to dominate at all ranges at all times.

Bring the fist down

Doomfist has not been a frequent pick in Season 1. While his mobility and ability to wreak havoc on the backline are still as good as ever, Doomfist can often overextend and die a little too quickly. Despite the dive-focused meta, Doomfist hasn’t found his place in Overwatch 2, so Blizzard will help him out with some buffs. Supposedly, he will receive some changes so he can better act as a frontline. But with a disruptive playstyle like Doomfist, Blizzard must tread carefully.

Season 2 of Overwatch 2, while balancing Sojourn and Doomfist, will also feature the new hero, Ramattra. The patch will also bring some new balance changes for Ana, Bastion, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Mercy, and Symmetra. This new update will release on December 6, so get the last grind out for Season 1 before the new patch hits. Check out the official blog post here for more details about Season 2’s launch.

Overwatch 2 Doomfist Orisa

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