Paranautical Activity Delisted From Steam Following Death Threats Vs Gabe Newell


Paranautical Activity, which struggled to get on Steam prior to Valve improving the Greenlight process, has gotten themselves delisted on Steam. This follows a series of tweets where developer Mike Maulbeck made angry tweets regarding the platforn, culminating with a death threat directed towards Gabe Newell.

Maulbeck was angered again by difficulties communicating with Steam. This time, they were having problems getting the game removed from Early Access to be published as a finished game.

Maulbeck has since apologized for the outburst and asked for the game to be listed again, but following Valve’s confirmation of the delisting and Maulbeck’s assessment, this seems unlikely, at least for the moment.

Paranautical Activity is still available to purchase and play on Desura, and if you bought the game from Humble Bundle you should still be able to redownload a copy through them.

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