After completing Omikron: The Nomad Soul, my spirit hungered for more David Cage games (I have no idea why). During the Steam summer sale, the remastered version of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was too tempting to pass up at $2.00 USD.

    So here we are, another third-person title that starts with a police procedural angle. Except this time there are even more cinematic pretensions (some of them actually quite good) and I get to stab a guy in a diner bathroom for some reason. As with Omikron, I’ve never played this game before; all I know is that it starts off rather well and descends into the usual Cage madness.

    In part one, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is still in the “starting off well” phase. Here are the opening sequences in what’s sure to be another splendid journey.

    Peter Parrish

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