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Join us in the vault for what, this week, is effectively a PC Invasion Fallout 4 podcast special. Tim’s mic quality is a bit rubbish for the first 10 seconds or so, but the audio should be clear after that.

You can listen to the latest episode below, or stream it direct from the widget if you’d prefer to do that. Older episodes of the podcast can be found in the archives.


So, yes, mostly Fallout 4 this week. No story spoilers or anything like that; just impressions of the game, grumbling about the PC UI, and being a bit sad about how dialogue is on a wheel and has no stat checks now. Plus some positive things as well! Turns out Bethesda have learned how to write some entertaining characters.

That’s the majority of the podcast, but afterwards we discuss a few aspects of BlizzCon. Paul is almost excited by Diablo 3 patch news, and none of us are too thrilled by the look of the Warcraft film. That sparks a short deviation into the filmography of Duncan Jones … but then we get back to BlizzCon with a bit of stuff about Overwatch.

Somewhere in there we touch on ill-advised uses of famous game licenses (think Syndicate becoming an FPS), and effective methods of spider deterrence. It made some kind of sense at the time. I’m sure it works in context.

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